Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Loving!

  Here's the latest edition of the "I'm Loving" positive thinking exercise. Writing this usually helps me to be more grateful for all of the awesomeness that fills my life.

  I'm Loving that I have plans for the next 3 weekends! Some people might see that as an annoyance, my husband included, but as a stay-at-home mom, there are rare opportunities for adult interaction and getting away from the little angels to let my non-mommy flag fly. I'm super excited about my school orientation, family birthday party and wine tasting event. Let the fun begin!

  I'm Loving that my oldest son thinks it's his responsibility to potty-train his brother. He's so cute when he encourages him to "pee-pee on the potty" and claps at his minor accomplishments. He takes such pride in helping his brother become a big boy. And even when it leads to spilled urine on the bathroom floor, I still remember the cute face and potty dance that came before it and can't help but to smile (most times).

  I'm Loving hearing the voice of my youngest son. He is a 2 and 3 word sentence talker now. Everyday he says new things that surprise me. The first thing was "more cookie" then later that day it was "high five". He's now moved on to "where daddy" and "No! Mine!" which is definitely not my favorite. His voice is so different from his brother's and I love the fact that I can tell what's happening in another room just by their evolving tones, cadences and words.

  I'm Loving that my oldest son's favorite songs to request these days are Christian songs! This is a huge milestone for him. I wrote previously about his love for secular music and stubbornness towards new music. Now, he's a totally different kid in that regard. I hear him in the bathroom singing "how great is our God" and I can't contain my joy. He often asks "what's so funny, mom?" when I start smiling at his sweet singing. While we still dabble in a few mommy-approved secular songs, we primarily listen to Christian music and he loves it. I love that he loves it!

  I'm Loving summer. I never thought I'd say that. I hate bugs, dirt, getting sweaty, and generally everything associated with summer. But as mentioned on previous posts, kids can change ya! So far this summer we have enjoyed gardening, going to water parks, playing in water in the back yard, having a picnic, watching fireworks, sidewalk chalking and painting outside. The heat wave was unbearable because we were forced to stay inside for a few miserable days. While I'm still not fond of all things outdoors, I definitely love it more than ever before in my life (girl scout camping days included) and I don't dread it at all.

  I'm Loving having inspiration to write. I love to write. I compose poems and songs all the time in my head and even aloud with my kids sometimes, but I hardly ever have time or real motivation to get them on paper-- until recently. Last week I had a dream that I was captured by. When I woke up, I was still entranced by the characters and their story. I was inspired to write it down. I formulated a plan and I feel so exhilerated by the thought of what it could be! Writing a novel isn't easy work (I've started one before) but I'm excited about the new path that I think my writing is taking. It's always been my desire to publish a book and I think getting this vivid dream out of me and onto paper will get me to that goal. Keep me in your prayers, as trying to write a grocery list is hard enough to find time to do around my house!

 I'm Loving lots of things, but most pressing right now is my love of sleep! So at nearly 2am, I bid you all goodnight/morning as I go lay down. I hope to dream and gain more insight into novel!


So It Was Just Me?!

    Today was my kiddies first trip to the dentist. After getting over the fact that my 3 year old was long overdo for the visit (yes, I know I'm a horrible mother), I also had to tackle one of my other issues. Ranking right after my irrational fear of fish (living or dead) is my fear of the dentist/dentist offices.    As a mother there are some phobias and general unpleasantness that you just have to face for the betterment of your children. For me, it began as early as birth with the decision to hold or not hold my bloody, mucus-stained infant fresh from the womb. Then it progressed to catching snot with my bare hands (I still shudder at the memories), cleaning up vomit and the dreaded complete grossness that is potty training.
    I had a month to prepare the family for the dentist trip. I explained everything that I could remember about the dentist to my preschooler and simultaneously tried to hide my humongous fear.
   When we got there, the place was pleasant enough but smelled sterile. You know the smell. Clean machinery, disinfectants, needles and drills. Okay, so maybe needles and drills don't have an exact smell in reality, but in my head they certainly do.
   As I filled out paperwork, I tried not to gag at the smell. I smiled at my children and reassured them that everything was going to be fine and that they would love the dentist. And though I didn't disbelieve it, I didn't wholeheartedly believe it either. But maybe I should have.
  When I was told that my oldest child had to get x-rays done, I prepared for a screaming fit. After all, he is the drama prince that throws himself on the kitchen floor if I give him the blue cup instead of the green one. Well, let me tell you, he shocked the heck out of me.
   Though skeptical of the "superman cape" x-ray shield, he didn't show fear. He even smiled at little at the wonderful technician as she asked him about his favorite toys. As I watched him make it through his first cleaning like a champ, I swear I almost cried. Happy tears. Tears of pride. It was such a weird feeling. It wasn't like he'd won the Nobel Peace Prize or anything, but I was beaming like he had. I couldn't stop myself from grinning. Every staff member that walked by asked "it's their first time?" Apparently there's a "it's my kid's first trip to the dentist" face and I was wearing it.
   My youngest son bit the dentist (well really just nipped her a bit), but that's nothing compared to the wrestling match I thought it would be.
   Overall, it was a wonderful trip. I'd begged my husband to come along for moral support and to be an extra wrangler, if needed. It turned out that I was the only one that needed wrangling. I was the one that needed to be talked to in low, soothing sounds and reminded that it was "okay". It was just me that was afraid of the dentist and all that entailed. My kids were brave. They inspired me.
 Now, I'm not exactly rushing to the phone to make my appointment, but I'm seriously contemplating it thanks to my little warriors. It's amazing what kids can make you think and rethink.