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AARON, 2014
"I'm gonna walk away!"
"What is that? Can I have some?" - he loves food!
"I lub (love) you sooo much"
 watching Calliou and pretty much anything animated
putting on other people's shoes/clothes/accessories (check the pic)
giving hugs
annoying his brother

ANDREW, 2014
"I already know that" -about EVERYTHING
"But you said..."
"That's inappropriate"
"Booty" -apparently it's a hilarious word
 reading -especially Dr. Seuss
 using technology 
writing nonsense "words"
telling on his brother

AARON, 2012


"Go!" (as in leave me alone, done while pointing)
Downward Facing Dog Yoga Position
Run in place
Open and close doors
Take things out of the trash

ANDREW, 2012

"I'm a man!"
"I don't want/like that"
"You know better"
"I SAID..."(Followed by a command)
Talk and text on the "phone"
Climb on everything

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