Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts while Counting Down

No one knows when this little boy will come, no one but the Lord and He ain't telling! It's kinda funny because I'm not as stressed as everyone around me seems to be. Though I do want to see my baby, I'm not that tired of being pregnant. And of course these new aches and pains can definitely go, but I'm content to wait on Andrew to arrive when he's ready. When he gets here, then I'll be stressed, then I'll be anxious, then I'll be consumed, but right now I'm rather enjoying doing nothing in particular. I've slept late everyday this week (well, except for the 10am doc appointment and yes, that does count as being early) and lounged around in my pj's, reading, napping and watching tv. I'm sure it would get boring if I didn't know that it would be ending soon, but I do!

I think about how life with Andrew will be different all the time. He's not even here yet and I can barely remember what I used to do before his conception. I need to find a hobby! One that will take me out of the house. I don't want to end up like so many stay-at-home moms I hear about that go crazy because their whole life is their kid. Maybe I'll volunteer at the YMCA or... I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm gonna work on it.

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