Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Announcing Andrew Noah Jones!

I couldn't imagine what it would be like before he got here. To actually see and hold him... Well, I did imagine, but I was just so off. I mean, it's so much better! He's tinier than I thought he'd be, considering all of the cheeseburgers he commanded me to eat! Only 5lbs 15oz when he was born and down to 5lbs 8oz when we got to leave the hospital, but a week later he weighs 6lbs 5oz, almost a whole pound more! I'm glad he's growing because I was worried about my breastmilk supply, but that's all behind me now, I feel secure in that area.
Of course I'm not getting any sleep during normal sleeping hours and I've already had to do a load of laundry, but watching him sleep is so rewarding. He looks so angelic and I even catch glimpses of smiles--like the picture (which are probably gas, but cute nonetheless). God truly blessed me with him and I pray I can raise him the way the Lord sees fit.

The pain I endured bringing him into the world was incredible... like unbelievable. After being in the hospital for over 24 hours and going through 18 hours of labor ( 3 of those spent pushing), I ended up having to go under the knife and have a cesarean section because my little angel was facing up and his head couldn't get through the birth canal. Not only was the actual surgery not as painless as I thought it'd be( they did give me numbing drugs, but I guess I expected magic), the recovery is killer. Laughing is my most favorite thing to do, however, these stitches make it utterly undesirable. It hurts like heck. As does coughing and generally moving the "wrong" way. I know I'll share the story with Andrew when he's old enough to care, but it's so funny because I can hardly remember the intensity of the pain and some of the memories are hazy. I was so sure it would be an experience I'd never forget, yet I just remember the most important part... getting to see my son :)

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