Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It feels like it's been forever since I last posted. It's only actually been 10ish days. When I began this blog, it was as a challenge to myself to write every day... I am so failing that challenge. But, it's been for a good and not so good reason.

I've been out LIVING! I've traveled the world (okay, so not the world exactly, but another city besides my own), eaten great food and laughed a lot. I visited my undergrad university town with my cousin and one of my best friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The kids were with grandparents and godparents, so I really enjoyed that too :-) I took several trips down memory lane and also discovered that some of those lanes were somehow empty! I realized that while I remembered and held on to lots of things from college, I'd also forgotten a ton of things about those days. Who could forget the best sandwich shop in the city? Definitely not me. Who could forget the graduation plaque with graduates names listed on it? Definitely me, especially since I apparently did not contribute to it, therefore my name was not even on it. Anyway, it was an awesome trip, filled with lots of cute GA Bulldog gear that was calling my wallet's name but regardless of that, I can't wait to go back. I'm super excited that I'll be going back very often since my cousin is moving there!

And on the not so good side, my phone was lost and then stolen. I felt so incomplete without having technology at my fingertips (so sad). I felt disconnected from the world and in turn I disconnected myself from my family (momentarily) as I mourned my phone. Crazy, I know. I got over it quickly (well more adequately, the phone was replaced quickly) and was able to see the value in not having technology be so accessible. My kids had more of my attention and I read things that were not printed online, like an actual magazine!

Now life is back to normal; our normal. So I should be able to uphold my promise to myself. We'll see...


  1. Great adventure. I hope you do write everyday and that this grows into memoirs which make the book best sellers list...You rock girl!You'e a P31 woman for sure!

  2. Aww thanks for reading and leaving a note! I am really trying to be that P31 woman, but she had to be superhuman or something LOL. There was totally a cape under her dress and I haven't found the store that sells that yet :-)

  3. If you find the cape burn it! Others will only sit idly by their windows being amazed by you while plotting your demise brahhahahahaha! Seriously that P31 woman makes me tired reading all she does, and looks good doing it c'mon!!!!!!