Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is It Possible?

So, I leave for a few days and my kids are these little people I’ve never met before! Is this possible? Yes, of course it is! My 17-month-old is now saying 2 new words- cat and car. And by saying I mean screaming them about and at everything. It’s quite cute and only slightly annoying. I’m sure by next week it will be overly annoying because of the amount of times I will have said “No, it’s not a cat, it’s your shoe” or something to that effect. He knows lots of words but is only choosing to say a select few and use them for several items. Again, cute, even if only temporarily.

My newly 3-year-old was overheard telling his younger brother that he was “E-dic-ur-lus” in complete exasperation over him climbing on the table. Ridiculous is a word I use to describe him very often, so he knows exactly how to use it, but never has before. My hysterical laughter only prompted him to continue using the word throughout the day, much to my amusement. His enthusiasm towards making me laugh was proof of him missing me.

Their faces even look older! Like they learned so much about life by being away from me. A crazy thought, but perhaps it holds some truth. They learned what it was like to have daddy be in charge. If walls could talk, I would pay good money to hear what the ones in my house would say about their weekend. Though I was pleasantly surprised by the clean children that greeted me at the airport and the even cleaner house when I got home, I’m sure there were some moments that mommy wouldn’t condone. I actually found a plate underneath the sofa cushions last night!

Overall, I’m glad I took my mommy vacation. I enjoyed adult conversation, bought a few new goodies for myself and didn’t have to play referee in any toddler fights. I would definitely do it again, but next time I think I would actually like to have my 3 guys with me J

My camera-shy baby, Aaron

Always the comedian for mommy, Andrew

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