Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peace and Gratitude

In my quest to read through and understand the New Testament, I've finished the book of Colossians. Though not a long book at all (4 chapters), it took me quite some time to work my way through it. Compared to a novel of over 400 pages that I started and completed this past weekend, this chapter took forever! With much reading and study guide reading and highlighting and rereading, I can honestly say that while it's not my favorite chapter (that would be Romans, James or one of the "love letters") it definitely had some bright spots.

Verse 3:15 emerged as my favorite in the whole book. "Let the peace of God rule your hearts, since as members of a body, you were called to peace. And be thankful." Of course, there is lots of historical context as to why Paul would be telling the Colossian people this, but it spoke directly to me. And that's what's so awesome about the Bible! I have been struggling with feeling peaceful, with 2 toddlers and a husband that works 60-70 hours a week. This verse made it clear that regardless of my current station in life, God's peace should reign over me. It should rule me, not vice versa. There should be no struggle. Just think of how different life would be if we were the calm beings God intended us to be. I shudder as I imagine how different I am from that design He had for me.

Every morning when I wake up to an empty side of the bed, the cries of my young toddler and the demands of my older one, I should be thankul. Thankful that my husband desires to provide for his family and gets up to do so even before the sun does. Thankful that my children are alive, healthy and in need and want of me. Peaceful because God is in control, now and always. My noisy home may not always be the picture of serenity (ok, honestly it NEVER is) but my heart can be. It's a daily journey, but it's a decision I commit to making. This memory verse is starting out as my mantra for the week, but I hope it can become the story of my life.

Colossians behind me (good riddens and I hope to only ever see you again in church with an educated leader telling me what it all means), 1 Thessalonians here I come!

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